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New Mexico

Final Days & FinalStraw (Missed Parts 1 & 2? Catch up before reading Reflection 3: click here for Reflection 1 and click here for Reflection 2.) It is with mixed emotions that I rounded the corner for the last leg of my journey. Sunday brought another day of work back at the Airbnb my husband had found and

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Stories from New Mexico: Part 2

Communities Rising Up to Demand Environmental Justice & Protection Using Art, Advocacy, Inspiration, Generational Connection & Dedication. From the desk of Maya van Rossum My journey to film Part III of Here’s The Story: the Green Amendment, focused on New Mexico, has been nothing short of amazing. As powerful as my trip started off (you

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colorado river

In the NY times article “Corporations Have Rights. Why Shouldn’t Rivers?” we learn about a recently filed lawsuit in which a judge is being asked to recognize the Colorado River as a person. This lawsuit is testing an important legal theory — giving rights to nature — similar to Ecuador’s model. In 2008, Ecuador became the first country to

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