New Mexico Road Runner


Environmental Values and Threats

The Health Impacts Of Air Pollution From Oil & Gas Facilities On African American Communities.
by NAACP & Clean Air Task Force

The Value of a Clean and Healthy Delaware River
by Delaware Riverkeeper Network

Fracking by the Numbers The Damage to Our Water, Land and Climate from a Decade of Dirty Drilling
by: Environment America Research & Policy Center

New Mexico Oil & Gas Waste Report: The failure to safely manage oil and gas waste
by: Earthworks

Great concern as study finds microplastics in human placentas
by: Mongaby

Pollution by Per and Polyfluoroalkly chemicals (PFAS, PFOS) is harming human health, and the viability of multiple farms:

Maine: Second Farm Shuttered due to Massive PFAS Contamination
by: Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy

New Mexico: Groundwater Contamination Devastates A New Mexico Dairy and Public Health
by: NM Political Report