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Advance a Green Amendment in New Mexico

NM Green Amendment — Getting Up To Speed & Building Momentum for 2025

Join the local New Mexico Green Amendment Coalition members, legislative sponsors, and national Green Amendment expert & founder Maya van Rossum to get up to speed, learn, ask your questions and offer your input on securing a New Mexico Green Amendment in 2025.

Thursday, June 20, 6 to 7 pm MST

O’Niell’s Pub, 4310 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87108

All of the people in our Land of Enchantment, including future generations, deserve a constitutionally protected right to a healthy environment and climate including water, soil, air, ecosystems and environment.  Together we can make it happen!

Remember: The first place we post hot and time-sensitive news is the Green Amendment Action Platform. If you haven’t yet, sign up so you are first in the know.  As soon as we have news about the hearing or other hot developments this is where we will post them first.  You can sign up for the Action Platform here.

Write a Letter To The Editor expressing the benefits a NM Green Amendment.

A letter to the editor can let your community know what the NM Green Amendment is and how it can help your community and environment.

You can use our online portal to help you get your letter to the news outlets serving your community.  It’s easy. Just a few clicks, share your thoughts, click again and you will have submitted your letter to the news outlets in your area.

Click here: to get to our user-friendly letter to the editor portal

When writing your letter, consider tying in a local issue or recent article and feel free to use any of the information provided on the resources tab of this website.

Once your article is published, be sure to tag us share it with us on social media so we can help raise up your letter and leadership by sharing it with the world.


Join the New App Dedicated to the NM Green Amendment

Green Amendments For The Generations has a new white label app that you can join to be up to date on all of the hot news and action opportunities.  Be sure to join the New Mexico Green Amendment Movement page.  You can also join the national page if you want to see what other states are doing. But to be up to speed on New Mexico it is important you join the NM community.

  • You can download the app to your phone from the app store by typing in Green Amendments FTG
  • Or you can join on your computer via the web by going to this link.

However you join, this will be the best place to stay up to date and engage.

Be sure when you sign up to set the email/push notifications to suit your life style, turn them on, turn them off or limit them.  It’s easy and will ensure the best experience.

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