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Advance a Green Amendment in New Mexico

Sign On To Show Your Support

It is important we continue to grow support for the New Mexico Green Amendment, please sign on in support — whether an individual or organization we need your support. When you sign up you will also be kept up to speed on new education and engagement opportunities:

Join Our Social Media Action Team

To get quickly and powerfully active on social media to help spread the word about the values of a #NMGreenAmendment go to this link:

  • This toolkit is an easy link that you can share yourself, share in emails, put in social media bios, etc.
  • The items include a petition to the governor, easy Click To Tweets to encourage your legislator to support the Green Amendment, easy graphics to share, and Sector Letters where people can sign on from businesses to educators to agricultural workers to young people.
  • Please share this toolkit with your friends and family because the more engagement the better.

To learn more, go to our Social Media Toolkit Page for posts, hashtags and twitter handles to help us spread the word.

Write a letter

Write a letter telling your New Mexico state representative and state senator to support a Green Amendment for New Mexico.  The all-volunteer New Mexico legislature is only officially in-session starting January, but they are still working and listening.  Now is a great time to let them know you  want their support for your right to a clean, safe and healthy environment, including clean water and air, a stable climate, and healthy environments.

Encourage Others

Encourage others to sign the petition!
Share the link on social media, or print a copy of the petition and take it with you to work, coffee shops, social gatherings or events, and ask others to sign the petition too. Once you have a completed sheet, be sure to mail or scan and email copies to You can print a copy here.

Mail paper petitions to
Green Amendments For The Generations,
925 Canal St, Suite 3701, Bristol, PA 19007

Write an Opinion Piece

Write an opinion piece to your local paper expressing the benefits a NM Green Amendment.
Help us spread the word about the NM Green Amendment! Let your community members know what a Green Amendment is and how it can help your community and environment.

You can use our online portal to help you get your words to the news outlets serving your community.  It is easy. Just a few clicks, share your thoughts, click again and you will have submitted your letter to the editor on the New Mexico Green Amendment. Click here: to share your opinion with your local paper

Or you can submit directly on your own.  

You can find media outlets at this list created and managed by one of our lead partners 350 Santa Fe:

How ever you go about submitting your letter, consider tying in a local issue or recent article to include in your letter, the more personal and local the content of the letter the more it will resonate and inspire others to become supportive and get engaged.

Feel free to use any of the talking points on our NM Green Amendments Talking Points sheet, in our NM Green Amendment Frequently Asked Questions.  You are welcome to use our talking points as is or to put them in your own words – whatever works best for you is great!

Once your article is published be sure to tag us on any social media shares of your article.  We will want to  help raise up your letter and leadership by sharing it as well.


Sign On To Urge Governor’s Support

Sign On to Urge Governor Lujan Grisham to Support a New Mexico Green Amendment.

On August 25, 2021, Governor Lujan Grisham signed Executive Order 2021-052 announcing the New Mexico “30×30” Framework, an initiative to conserve at least 30% of New Mexico’s lands by 2030 to help avert climate crisis and to “sustain traditional ways of life, provide our drinking water, ensure food security, preserve biodiversity, … promote the health and wellbeing of all who call New Mexico home,” while also protecting the state’s economy.  

This sign on letter reminds the Governor that a New Mexico Green Amendment will be a powerful compliment to her 30×30 plan, providing a strong constitutional foundation for ensuring state agencies and officials have the tools necessary to achieve success and, at the same time, ensuring a lasting legacy of protection and success for present and future generations.  

Please join your organization and/or personal voice with others to urge the Governor to take a public stance in support of the New Mexico Green Amendment.  See the letter and sign on here:

You can also help via your social media platforms to encourage others to sign.  Find sample tweets and text on our Social Media Toolkit page.