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Advance a Green Amendment in New Mexico

Community Strategy & Action Discussion – Sign UP to Join

Join the community strategy and action discussion to be a part of determining the plan for how to best advance the NM Green Amendment.

Our next strategy discussion will be

  • December 6 at 4 pm MT
  • On Zoom

To join the conversation. You can sign up here

At our last meeting on November 9, a passionate group got together and began to craft out the vision and the plan towards a 2024 strategy.  This next meeting will continue the strategy and action planning work.


We will be joined by NM Green Amendment prime sponsors Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez & Representative Joanne Ferrary who will share their thoughts on the future of the NM Green Amendment proposal, as well as steps the community should consider for educating and engaging New Mexico communities around environmental rights.

After we hear from the legislative champions, we will work together to develop next steps for advancing the New Mexico Green Amendment.

View The Community Forum Rollout To Learn About 2024

Learn about the 2024 NM Green Amendment Language to be Proposed.

Legislative champions announced the new 2024 Green Amendment language during a 1 hour community forum in October.  If you would like to view the event we have posted it to the NM Green Amendment Action App Community (information on app sign up below).

If you are already on the app this link will take you straight to the recording. If you are not yet on the app, you will need to sign up and sign in to see the recording.  Given the strategic nature of the discussion, we felt it important to keep this recording more within the community collective that is dedicated to advancing the New Mexico Green Amendment as opposed to broad public broadcast where even our opposition can see it.

Link to the October 24 NM Green Amendment Town Hall:

(If you want to learn more about the app, see information below.)

Join the New App Dedicated to the NM Green Amendment

Green Amendments For The Generations has a new white label app that you can join to be up to date on all of the hot news and action opportunities.  Be sure to join the New Mexico Green Amendment Movement page.  You can also join the national page if you want to see what other states are doing. But to be up to speed on New Mexico it is important you join the NM community.

  • You can download the app to your phone from the app store by typing in Green Amendments FTG
  • Or you can join on your computer via the web by going to this link.

However you join, this will be the best place to stay up to date and engage.

Be sure when you sign up to set the email/push notifications to suit your life style, turn them on, turn them off or limit them.  It’s easy and will ensure the best experience.

Sign On To Show Your Support

It is important we continue to grow support for the New Mexico Green Amendment, please sign on in support — whether an individual or organization we need your support. When you sign up you will also be kept up to speed on new education and engagement opportunities:

Join Our Social Media Action Team

To get quickly and powerfully active on social media to help spread the word about the values of a #NMGreenAmendment go to this link:

  • The top tab takes you to a series of tweets you can easily send to your legislator with just one click to urge and/or thank their support for the NM Green Amendment & to urge them to schedule a hearing and let the people vote.
  • This toolkit is an easy link that you can share yourself, share in emails, put in social media bios, etc.
  • The items include easy Click To Tweets to encourage your legislator to support the Green Amendment, easy graphics to share, and Sector Letters where people can sign on from businesses to educators to agricultural workers to young people & a petition to the governor.
  • Please share this toolkit with your friends and family because the more engagement the better.

To learn more, go to our Social Media Toolkit Page for posts, hashtags and twitter handles to help us spread the word.

Write a Letter To The Editor expressing the benefits a NM Green Amendment.

A letter to the editor can let your community know what the NM Green Amendment is and how it can help your community and environment.

You can use our online portal to help you get your letter to the news outlets serving your community.  It’s easy. Just a few clicks, share your thoughts, click again and you will have submitted your letter to the news outlets in your area.

Click here: to get to our user-friendly letter to the editor portal

When writing your letter, consider tying in a local issue or recent article and feel free to use any of the information provided on the resources tab of this website.

Once your article is published, be sure to tag us share it with us on social media so we can help raise up your letter and leadership by sharing it with the world.


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