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Right now, New Mexico Legislators have an historic opportunity to advance an enforceable, constitutional right of the people of New Mexico to clean and healthy water, air, soil and environment, a stable climate, and thriving ecosystems (aka the New Mexico “Green Amendment”).  

But in order for the people of New Mexico to vote on whether we want our constitution amended, we need our legislators to pass it through all applicable committees and to pass it by majority vote of each legislative house (the House & the Senate).

🕚 The 60-day session of the New Mexico legislature is passing quickly. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE if you believe that all New Mexicans are entitled to clean & healthy water, air, soils, environment and climate.

Not sure how to contact your legislator? You can look them up here:

Not sure what to say? Check out our talking point options below.

Talking Points

  • New Mexicans deserve to have their human right to clean & healthy water, air soils, environment, & climate protected in the state constitution’s bill of rights where we protect our other most cherished freedoms.  That is the protection the New Mexico Green Amendment will provide and I urge you to support HJR4/SJR6.
  • People across New Mexico are being harmed by pollution of our air, water & soils. Green Amendment protections will help ensure we enforce & pass the laws necessary to protect our environmental health, quality of life, & economy. Your leadership & support for the New Mexico Green Amendment is essential if you care about your constituents and communities.
  • The New Mexico Green Amendment will ensure we have true environmental justice in our state and that communities of color, indigenous communities and low-income communities are entitled to the same healthy water, air, and environments as all New Mexicans. If you care about environmental justice, you will support the New Mexico Green Amendment.
  • The New Mexico Constitution is the people’s document; your support of the New Mexico Green Amendment will not amend our state constitution, it will simply ensure that WE THE PEOPLE of New Mexico can decide if we want OUR constitution to be amended in order to protect OUR environmental rights. 
  • If you believe in democracy, environmental protection, and/or environmental justice, you will sponsor, support and vote for the New Mexico Green Amendment.

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