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Social Media Action Toolkit

Amplify the call for a Green Amendment for New Mexico by engaging on social media!

Feel free to use the sample posts, images, and videos below.

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Be Part of Our Social Media Action Team to Keep the NM Green Amendment Message Growing.

To get quickly and powerfully active on social media go to this link:

Social media is an important pathway to educate our communities and influence decisionmakers to get on board with good government actions.  Your helping us advance the message via social media is a key and visible leadership role that can really help make a difference.

--> Twitter is often viewed as the most impactful social media platform and so if you pick one form of social media, consider a tweet.

-->But Facebook is a close second and is a great way to engage your friends and neighbors in our efforts.  So your number 2 option can be a facebook post.

-->Instagram is growing in influence and is a particularly good way to reach a younger creative audience.  So consider getting on instagram if you have some extra time.

To get quickly and powerfully active on social media go to this link:

  • This toolkit is an easy link that you can share yourself, share in emails, put in social media bios, etc.  Please share far and wide  so we can already bring attention to the Green Amendment movement.
  • The items include a petition to the governor, easy Click To Tweets to encourage your legislator to support the Green Amendment, easy graphics to share, and Sector Letters where people can sign on from businesses to educators to agricultural workers to young people. Each of these actions are important so please get started now!
  • We look forward to all your engagement and support to get the New Mexico Green Amendment passed! And don’t forget to share this toolkit because the more engagement the better.



Below is a bit more if you want to post directly on your own:

When posting, consider tagging your legislative champions and/or targets; it’s a great way to get their attention. 

Whenever you see a post on a partner’s page about the #NMGreenAmendment be sure to comment, share, and/or retweet.  Partner social media handles are listed below.

Hashtags To Use & Follow

Our main hashtag is #NMGreenAmendment

Others Hashtags to include in your postings, pick the ones that resonate include:

  • #NMCleanAirRights 
  • #NMCleanWaterRights 
  • #NMClimateRights 
  • #NMForTheGenerations
  • #LetNMVoteForEnvironmentRights
  • #NMcleanwater 
  • #NMcleanair 
  • #NMstableclimate
  • #healthyNMenvironment 


Here are Some Social Media Posts You Can Use To Help Spread the Word

Campaign 1:  Urge the Governor to support the #NMGreenAmendment:

Cut & paste the text onto twitter, facebook or use it in instagram, &/or send the tweet in just two clicks from the click to tweet (ctt)  link provided

Gov Message 1:  Send this tweet in just two clicks from here:

  • NM Gov Lujan Grisham @GovMLG our children of today & tomorrow deserve #NMCleanAirRights #NMCleanWaterRights #NMClimateRights & enforceable #NMenvironmentalrights. Our children deserve a #NMGreenAmendment. Join us in support.

Gov Message 2: Send this tweet in just two clicks from here:

  • NM Gov Lujan Grisham @GovMLG your NM 30x30 framework is to protect #NMcleanwater #NMcleanair #NMstableclimate #healthyNMenvironment #NMeconomy & to secure an #NMstableclimate. Key way to advance them all is to support a #NMGreenAmendment 


Gov Message 3:  Urge others to sign on and help send a strong message to the Governer that we need her support for an NM Green Amendment. Send this tweet in just two clicks from here:

  • Urge NM Gov @GovMLG to ensure a legacy of #NMcleanwater #NMcleanair #NMstableclimate for generations by supporting the #NMGreenAmendment. Sign on here to send a strong message:


Campaign 2:  Help Secure the Support of Legislators by publicly urging for their support on social media.  

Send a tweet that includes your legislator’s twitter handle.  Find their handle on twitter and use it along with the text below to send a tweet - simply copy and paste into twitter, add the appropriate handle, and tweet. You can also use these messages on Facebook or Instagram.  

ALERT: Where it says @legislatortwitterhandlehere be sure to replace this text with the actual handle of the legislator you are trying to reach.

  • @legislatortwitterhandlehere I deserve a right to clean water & air, & a healthy environment; our kids deserve a healthy & safe future; our economy needs a clean & healthy environment too. Support of the #NMGreenAmendment


  • @legislatortwitterhandlehere let me vote on having a constitutional right to a clean & healthy environment protected as powerful as my right to free speech. Support the #NMGreenAmendment in January/February 2022 so I get my turn to vote on it in November


  • @legislatortwitterhandlehere environmental rights are human rights but to be meaningful they need to be constitutionally enforceable & recognized in our NM Bill of Rights. Support the #NMGreenAmendment

Not sure who your elected leaders are?  Plug your address in at this link and find out:


Retweet - Repost -- Comment & Share Partner Posts:

A great way to spread the word as well as demonstrate your leadership and partnership is to share postings made by the many organizations and partners supporting the NM Green Amendment and those of legislators who are supporting the effort.  Here is a list of handles to search for, follow, and engage with:

Legislators on Twitter:























Facebook - Rio Arriba Concerned Citizens

Facebook - Common Ground Community Trust

Facebook - Adelante Progressive Caucus



Facebook - Water Culture Institute

Facebook - Albuquerque Wildlife Federation


Facebook - Interfaith Worker Justice - New Mexico

Facebook - Multicultural Alliance for a Safe Environment







Facebook - Progressive Democrats of America, Central New Mexico

Facebook- Pajarito Environmental Education Center

Facebook - Santa Fe Green Chamber of Commerce





Facebook - New Mexico Healthy Soil Working Group






Image Gallery

Download all social media images (zip file) here [ LINK ]