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Right now, New Mexico Legislators have an historic opportunity to advance an enforceable, constitutional right of the people of New Mexico to clean and healthy water, air, soil and environment, a stable climate, and thriving ecosystems (aka the New Mexico “Green Amendment”).  

But – no surprise — industry has come out in opposition, willing to sacrifice the health and safety of NM communities and environments so they can make more profits. 

It’s time to ask legislators to support swift hearings in all committees, starting with the Senate Rules Committee, and when given the opportunity to vote an unequivocal YES to support the New Mexico Green Amendment! If your legislator is already supportive, be sure to begin your message with a hearty Thank You!

The week of February 20 we are expecting a first hearing in the Senate Rules Committee — strong public testimony is essential. Once we get through Senate Rules, we will need fast action in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

We must make ourselves heard. 📢 We need you to urge your legislators to support the NM Green Amendment and place it on their priority agenda.

Send an email to your NM House and Senate committee members in support of a Green Amendment!

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