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New Mexico Cosponsor Letter of Intent

Legislator Letter of Intent to Support a New Mexico Green Amendment & The Right of All People to a Clean & Healthy Environment

We, the Undersigned Elected Representatives of New Mexico, recognize and affirm that the environment of New Mexico is of “fundamental importance to health, safety and the public interest” of every person and every community within our state, including both present and future generations.

As elected Senators and Representatives of New Mexico, we believe in our duty as trustees to “conserve, protect, and maintain” the natural resources of our state “for the benefit of all New Mexicans,” including future generations and the rights of all our people, regardless of race, ethnicity, or economic status, to a clean and healthy environment.

Therefore, we support amending Article II of the New Mexico constitution, and intend to cosponsor the NM Green Amendment in 2022 that will:

recognize that all people of New Mexico have a self-executing, “natural, inherent and inalienable right to a clean and healthy environment, including water, air, soil, flora, fauna, ecosystems and climate, and to the protection of the natural, cultural, scenic and healthful qualities of the environment;” and

ensure that “[t]he state, including its political subdivisions, shall serve as trustee of the natural resources of New Mexico and shall conserve, protect and maintain these resources for the benefit of all New Mexicans, including present and future generations.”


Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez 
Representative Joanne Ferrary
Senator Harold Pope, Jr.
Senator Bill Soules
Senator Elizabeth “Liz” Stefanics
Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino
Senator Carrie Hamblen
Representative Tara Lujan
Senator Shannon Pinto
Representative Andrea Romero
Representative Karen Bash
Representative Debbie Sarinana
Representative Roger Montoya
Senator Linda Lopez
Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero
Senator Bill Tallman
Senator Jeff Steinborn
Representative Kay Bounkeua
Representative Christine Trujillo
Representative Elizabeth “Liz” Thomson
Representative Gail Chasey 
Representative Miguel Garcia
Representative Kristina Ortez
Senator Roberto “Bobby” Gonzales

Representative Anthony Allison

Representative Matthew McQueen


If you are a New Mexico Senator or Representative who would like to be added to this letter as a Cosponsor please email and your name will be added immediately.